What We Do

LawyerHill is a free and multilingual online legal platform with automated documents, lawyer and organization profiles, legal publications, Q&As, and events. It is designed for lawyers, law firms, companies and non-profit organizations, their current or potential clients and anyone else interested in law. The aim is to make legal knowledge and services more accessible and easier to provide with the help of technologies.

Document Automation

Lawyers and organizations may create and upload document templates with relevant Q&A forms. Then specific documents are compiled and downloaded just by answering questions whenever needed. No programming skill is required. Our preview feature allows to see how the document is changing when user answers questions. Learn more on our demo and automation guide pages.

Such document templates are used, for example, by lawyers' clients or internally in companies. They may be public or private. Authors may also generate temporary access keys to private templates. It is all easy, safe (templates are encrypted and entered data by default never leaves user computer) and free – there is no fee for the automation, which is especially beneficial for small and middle-sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

This functionality helps lawyers and organizations
  • Reduce routine in document work
  • Draft documents much faster
  • Delegate more and save time
  • Reduce the number of mistakes and typos

Additionally, lawyers may showcase their professional skills by posting templates publicly and helping others, or they may search for other public templates for personal use.

Lawyer and Organization Profiles

Lawyers, law firms, companies and other organizations may create profiles with information about their activities, services and experience. Users may search for such profiles using different criteria, including rating, fields of law, location, etc. There is also a system of reviews about lawyers and organizations.

This functionality helps

a)   Lawyers and organizations
  • Promote business online and grow their brands
  • Collect reviews from their clients and build reputation
  • Attract new clients from around the world
  • Improve SEO for their websites
b)   All users
  • Search for lawyers, law firms, companies and organizations by practiced fields of law and places of activity
  • Find lawyers with expertise in their legal problems
  • Leave reviews and rate the quality of legal services they receive

Note that not all reviews are accepted. Those that appear fictitious are blocked. Moreover, lawyers need to confirm reviews about them without being able to see scores and text.

Legal Publications

Lawyers may publish their articles of various types and on different topics of law. Then users may search for such publications by fields of law and other criteria, add comments, vote, etc.

This functionality helps

a)   Lawyers
  • Share their knowledge and thoughts
  • Promote their brands
  • Improve SEO about them
  • Have discussions with colleagues
b)   All users
  • Search for legal information that may be helpful to them or just interesting
  • Find lawyers with expertise in their legal problems

Questions and Answers

Users may search, ask and answer (if lawyer) questions about any legal matter from all over the world. They may also filter the search results by location, fields of law and such other criteria, vote and comment on questions and answers.

This functionality helps

a)   Lawyers
  • Demonstrate their knowledge of law by answering questions, which is useful in acquiring new clients
  • Aid people who cannot afford paid professional legal services
  • Discuss with colleagues different legal topics
b)   All users
  • Receive free legal help/information from different lawyers from around the world
  • Find lawyers with expertise in their legal problems
  • Cross-check the legal advice that they receive

Legal Events

Users may announce and search for events related to various topics of law. It could be a conference, seminar, lecture, training, webinar, etc. They may also filter the search results by fields of law, venue and such other criteria.

This functionality helps
  • Promote events
  • Reach wider audience and presence on the Internet
  • Stay up to date on recent changes in law and legal practices

That is not all. There are many other features that we plan to implement. So sign up and stay tuned!


No client-attorney relationship is formed on the platform.
Neither we nor anybody else provides any legal service on the platform.
We do not guarantee any results in any legal matter.