Security is among our top priorities.

Data Storage

We work with one of the top cloud infrastructure providers. Our servers and database are located in the Western Europe and are encrypted at rest.

Data Transfer

All data transferred to and from LawyerHill is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) . This use of TLS to secure data traffic constitutes the HTTPS protocol.


Passwords stored in our database are hashed. We recommend that you change them once in 3-6 months. We also apply ​login ​throttling, CSRF protection and such other techniques.


Templates are stored on the servers that are encrypted at rest. Additionally, we apply symmetric key encryption to each template. Encrypted templates and keys are kept in different places.

Final documents that you download are compiled on your computer only, which does not require transferring entered data to our servers. Thus, confidential data that you enter into a document does not leave your computer.


Although we work hard to keep the platform safe and secure, no guarantee is made.

If you have any concerns or questions, please send an email to